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It’s not pleasant to think about, but window treatments are exposed to the same amount of dirt, dust, and grime as the rest of the fabrics and areas in your home. Unlike these other fabrics and surfaces, window treatments cannot be thrown in the washer or simply cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. This makes cleaning your window treatments a very difficult task because if you do the cleaning process incorrectly or use the wrong products, you can cost yourself a lot of money on replacement window treatments and repairs. Fortunately, there is a better option. If your window treatments are looking dingy, or you just think it’s time to have things cleaned, Viking Blinds can help. Serving Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, Viking Blinds will come to your home and clean your window treatments and draperies with the utmost care and proficiency.

Window Treatments

Washing your window treatments can be a tiresome task. Window treatments are sometimes heavy, hard to remove from your windows, and require specialty cleaning methods and products as to not damage the product. Avoid the uncertainty of rather or not you are cleaning your window treatment properly by calling Viking Blinds to care for them for you. At Viking Blinds, we are able to come to your home and clean your window treatments without removing them from your windows with our specialty cleaning equipment. Not only does this give you peace of mind, knowing that your window treatments are being handled properly, it will also ensure that you have minimal interruption with your window usage.

To clean your windows, we will first vacuum and dust the products. We follow this with the use of our specialty cleaning equipment that deep cleans the fabrics and other materials with the appropriate cleaning products and techniques. The dirt and grime is then vacuumed off the product after the cleaning, leaving you with beautiful, refreshed window treatments. Never worry about damage, shrinkage, or mishandling again!

Drapery Cleaning

In addition to cleaning your hard window treatments, Viking Blinds can also clean your drapery and valances. Using the same in-home method, our team of experienced and well-trained professionals will come to your home and deep clean your drapery and valances without removing the products from your walls. We are available to clean a wide range of drapery styles, and you will never have to worry about damage or shrinkage.

If you are interested in having your window treatments or drapery cleaned, contact Viking Blinds today! In addition to cleaning, Viking Blinds is also happy to offer window treatment repair services, and in-home consultations for our customers. Proudly featuring showrooms in St. Louis Park, Maple Grove, Burnsville, and Woodbury, Minnesota, you can stop by our store to talk about your cleaning options or call for more information.

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